How is it that no skate shops carry plain black magic shoes – just distracting patterns and materials? I don’t want checkers or skulls or Iron Maiden or leather or suede. Just black canvas. Please. Do they really expect me to go to the mall to get my magic fix? If that’s the case I’ll live with the holes and subsequently destroyed socks.

Speaking of skate shops, turns out there is more than one skate related enterprise in my neighborhood. Sort of. But I see the Pharmacy video is online in its entirety showcasing all of Portland’s finest/dirtiest spots.

Thanks guys for using Flickr long before I gave in.


  1. jb 20070828

    have you seen the black leather ones? i kinda dig em. can’t say i’ve ever had issues getting me some plain black canvas though.

  2. matches 20070828

    You could always order them from the big E(B).

  3. waytoocrowded 20070828

    My favorite shop had the black leather ones. Gross. E(B) with no employee discount + shipping? Gross.

  4. matches 20070829

    Ha, I know. I don’t even shop there anymore. I haven’t bought shoes in forever.

  5. majafa 20070906

    go to FTL store and order from E(B)…no shipping.

  6. sally 20070912

    don’t you be dissin’ the skulls…. jerkface!

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