Nine years is a lot of growing up

A Change of Smiles
1998 2007
Skateboards Ledges, stairs, rails, skate spots and skate parks Pop off curb cuts and do manuals on the way to/from the video store
Desserts The whole cake please, sans the corner pieces – and never mind dinner Microwaved for 10–15 seconds and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream – and never mind dinner
Rock Shows “This one goes to 11!” “How does your head not explode without ear plugs?”


  1. jb 20070823

    what about ketchup? still give you cancer?

  2. elan 20070823

    How about what time you get up in the morning and when you go to bed?

  3. matches 20070823

    How old was your knee in 1998? Isn’t it like 90 years old now?

  4. sally 20070823

    love your photos…. so are polaroids your new attraction?? because then i think that we have something in common…. only i started my phase in 9th grade. we could compare collections sometime.

  5. waytoocrowded 20070823

    It was never about ketchup resulting in cancer. It was tomatoes. I’m totally down with tomatoes these days, so no more cancer there. However, the ketchup making process still inflicts cancer in those bottles. Beware.

    In 1998 my knee was 17 years old. Today it is 86. There is a complex equation behind that calculation that involves the transition in skateboarding smiles between 1998 and 2007 outlined above. Maybe I’ll share someday.

    Polaroids. Worst idea ever. In a really good sort of way. The photos are from a midnight photo scavenger hunt I took part in and it should be mentioned that I didn’t necessarily do all the pointing, clicking and shaking-just-cause-it’s-fun behind every photo. But I at least scouted the location or pointed fingers for each. I’m down to see your collection any day – bring them over sometime.

  6. matches 20070824

    So basically, your body is in its MID-twenties, your knee is 86, and according to sally, your mind is 17. Nice.

  7. matches 20070824

    Wait. Not 17. In 9th grade. Maybe my mind is 86.

  8. BETTY 20070824

    1998: running away from girls on the playground
    2007: girlfriend

    ha ha ha

  9. majafa 20070906

    1998: plays crappy bass and says it’s the best ever
    2007: finally buys good bass and realizes what you’ve been missing

  10. sally 20070912

    1998: hadn’t gone through puberty yet
    2007: boobs are a hassle… wish it were still 1998

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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