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One look at the Trainband demo art and I was asked, “You’re really into the Constuctivist thing aren’t you?” Indeed. I was then given a couple names to search the depths of Wikipedia for.

While searching for particular artists on Wikipedia or Google turned up plenty of great resources and artwork, it’s interesting my favorite resource for online catalogs of constructivist/Soviet propaganda art isn’t a bibliographical reference or online art gallery/archive. Rather, it’s a photo sharing service. Yeah, more Flickr love and again for good reason.

Of all the user generated content sites, Flickr feels like it has the most professional content. Sure there are lots of random party photos and other quick point and shoots, but those never filter to the top. It’s the good stuff that gets favorited. It seems like beyond good photos, Flickr is becoming a repository for various collections painstakingly organized and uploaded by its users. Museum of Telecommunications. 19thc Shipping Posters. Pelican Paperbacks. Advertising. Matchbox labels. Definitely recommend browsing up a level on all of those sets to see more from the user.

Back to poster art/Constructivism:

Isn’t this site awesome when the link color is set so close to the text color? There are thirteen links in this post. Can you find them?


  1. elan 20070806

    WordPress, already! I like this post. It’s full of subtle surprises.

  2. puddingcups 20070806

    i didn’t know that that was the kind of art that you liked!!! just wait until you go back to medford, i think that you will dig the lithos/ prints that are hanging in what used to be Louie’s Pub but is now The Blue Angel. their pretty similar, and rad.

  3. waytoocrowded 20070806

    Maybe I should go back just for the art then. Or not. But yeah, now you know that sort of thing makes me smile.

  4. puddingcups 20070808

    don’t i make you smile?? isn’t that enough to come back to?…. so it’s been 26 hrs since i had a cigarette… and i’m freakin’ the hell out right now….. but it must be done….. in 46 hours it will be all in my head from there on out… i just have to last for 46 more hours. i think i’m tearing my head off

  5. puddingcups 20070809

    so it’s been almost 46 hours since i had a cigarette

  6. puddingcups 20070811

    so it’s been four days since i had a cigarette…, and i had a dream that i smoked one last night and that my bank account was in the hole.

  7. puddingcups 20070813

    haven’t had one yet…. well… to be honest…. i had a dream that i did, but that doesn’t count…. does it??

  8. waytoocrowded 20070813

    Certainly does not. Way to go!

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