Give me back my status bar


I used to laugh at folks filling their browser windows with various (useless) toolbars. My joy towards Firefox extensions is biting back. I shake my grumpy old man fist at all those distractions. Where’s the extension to show/hide extension icons via keyboard shortcut toggle? Hmmmm?


  1. puddingcups 20070801

    wow!!! toggle. that’s a cool word, don’t know what it means, but i think i’m gonna use it and make it mean something else… yeah. i like to take words and say them too many times so that it’s way obvious that they are over used. for example, my new word is “boom” or “boom shaka” or “boom shakalaka” but always the “boom”, so when i say something witty or someone else does i yell “BOOM!”… before that my saying was “it’s all jacked up”…. hmmm so i gotta figure out how to use toggle… maybe, if it makes the cut.

  2. puddingcups 20070801

    ps- i know you will totally want to start a band now. i got short chin length hair, it’s dark pink roots to faded platinum, and by friday i’m done smoking. i know you are laughing at the last part, but this time it’s the real deal… i’m getting a bridge, and need my teeth whitened and promised my mom i’d quit if she paid for it (it’s expensive), and you can’t go back on your word to your motha.

  3. puddingcups 20070804

    once again, no one comments after i have… jerks

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