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I’ve been into buying music lately. I go through phases. For me buying music means going to the record store, digging through the stacks and eventually walking out with a CD in hand.

The last handful was from the used stacks as apparently all the good albums are out of print. I’m the sort to keep all my CDs in a nice stack or stashed in a shoe box – anywhere out of harms way. I like preserving that case and liner for future reference. Now the audio gets ripped to my computer and CD is only played in the car and then the case is left behind. I’m the only person that does this. Looking at the cases, inserts and actual CDs from the used bins leaves me to wonder about all the stories each has to tell – no doubt more stories than I have. Coffee stains. Cracks. Missing hinges. Random notes (apparently 88.3 WRCT isn’t a Huevos Rancheros fan). Scratches.

I try to avoid launching Photoshop for anything not strictly limited the editing of photos yet I recently spent some hours not only staring at those oh-so-familiar toolbars but staring a ruler with inches for the unit and type measured in points. Gross. Shortly after I got rained on riding bike home from Kinkos. Did I mention the evening of burning a spindle of CDs, dropping a new CD into the tray every forty seconds? And what for? So folks can have another coaster/notepad masked as songs that are already available online.

There have been similar grumbles about this here in the past. It comes up again as I’ve recently read articles about releasing digital version of albums as soon as the masters come back from the studio (three months prior to the actual CD release), articles about digital distribution prices and first hand dealing with trying to keep all those blasted social networks up to date.


  1. matches 20070724

    My feeble brain was not properly functioning so despite the TRAINBAND TRAINBAND TRAINBAND TRAINBAND post and the Virb invite I did not put the pieces together until now. Way to go on being in a band again, and I guess I’m obligated to listen to the music now. The site is rad, by the way.

  2. elan 20070724

    I’m digging the tunes, dude.

    I like the duck with the gun, and the Primus-meets-rockabilly style. I’m probably way off here, huh?

  3. majafa 20070811

    I am one of the few to see Trainband play live (well during a practice session)?

    Anyways, I do the same…buy CD, rip CD to computer, hide case in CD rack, keep CD in car. But sadly somehow in that careful process my cases get scratched, cracked and hinges snapped. hmmmm…

Burned and Stenciled

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