Burning feeds to staticness


I haven’t used FeedBurner since Escape Eperil dropped off the face of the earth. At the time I was interested in how many people were subscribing to that madness over there and never investigated any of the other features. I wasn’t fond of depending on a then new service. I guess there was no reason to doubt given Google recently snatched them up.

Today I had reason to integrate an RSS feed generated by a popular blogging service into a static webpage sans access to any sort of backend processing. Go javascript. Since it’s technically called XMLHTTPRequest, AJAX seems like it should be a good solution as parsing is quick. However, security says no cross domain requests. Fine. Off to Google to find a service to do it for me.

After a bit of searching around and looking at crummy code and ugly widgets, I remembered FeedBurner existed. Digging through their ever increasing feature list I found BuzzBoost. Silly name, nice code. BuzzBoost allows users to drop in a line a JS that outputs content from any RSS feed running through FeedBurner with numerous formatting options and quite clean HTML ready for CSS magic. Using this service, static HTML pages can contain dynamic RSS content. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be content the user is creating on another domain either – any RSS feed can be dropped into FeedBurner, service or blog or news or whatever. Just one more case for the internets being easy.

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