Too much consuming and not enough doing lately. Somehow buried under a desktop full of icons and files I don’t even remember. Now, they’re all stuffed away for a rainy day or until the next harddrive crash that does a more thorough clean up for me. Speaking of – backup. Does it count as clean up if it’s really just moving things out of sight by stuffing them away in sub folders?

Apparently in May I downloaded a poppy rock song called TV and Me by Mando Diao. Lucky for them we seem to be headed back towards a single/hero song mentality and albums are slowly being forgotten.


  1. BETTY 20070717

    I had a similar conversation with someone the other day. The concept of actually archiving one’s mail folders to a network drive vs. just moving inbox items to a designated folder seemed on the same mail to be something of an anomaly in his mind.
    Easy for me to say as a habitual (read: obsessive) icon sweeper.

    Oh – the dusty rose text is very calming, nice touch.

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