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I often kid myself into pretending I know about all the lesser known HTML and browser tricks only to be surprised by some random website. Today that site was PDX Punk Connection (or Punk Connection PDX, the document title and url/header graphic aren’t exactly consistent).

It seems like the target attribute gets brought up around me at least bi-weekly so I’m quite familiar with its usual values:

Those are all invalid given my preferred doctype and most completely useless outside a frameset. However, there’s one more invalid that actually does something: _search. Not that that something really makes any great UI sense. IE7 doesn’t seem to understand that one but from the two seconds of research I put into it it sounds like Firefox implemented it by way of previous IE versions.

Please, validate this page.

Did you see that? Two sentences in a row that use the same word twice in a row. And I just spent more time trying to find out if there is a term for such word patterns than I did looking into this whole target business.


  1. damian 20070611

    I found you by checking our refering links.. thanks for the mention.
    How did you find us?
    Dig your site; nice and clean.
    Have any suggestions for us(besides consistancy)?

    ..see you at the shows!

  2. Malisams 20070625

    it’s called a homophonous phrase. i love words.

  3. waytoocrowded 20070625

    Awesome. You have no idea how many people I asked about that and how many looks of “you’re nuts” I got in return.

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