And my basses blackest


To match my shoes and socks.

I was recently talking to a music/guitar store employee about the availability of Fender precision basses in stores and the fact no store ever seems to stock the black one. He went on to tell me that Fender actually makes more black basses and guitars than other colors but stores don’t stock them because they don’t look as pretty on the walls of the shop. “Look over at that wall. We want color up there.” Or something like that. Why not keep them on hand in the back room then to avoid custom orders later if they are supposedly so popular?

The title is a lie. I’d actually prefer a white one like the custom bass I photoshopped a while ago but there’s a reason I had to photoshop it – they don’t make it.


  1. elan 20070606

    I don’t know why, but for some reason when I read that title, I read it as “bass.” Like, as in bass the fish.

    Maybe I’m just crazy.

  2. jeremiah 20070611

    Congratulations man. May your Precision not inherit the malodorous qualities that my Jazz has over the years.

  3. majafa 20070621

    hooray for Pbasses. now for my jazzmaster and new amp.

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