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Watermarked audio

The other day 3hive posted a song by Charlotte Gainsbourg. So I’m dancing in my living room (pop songs are my new thing) only to be let down at the end when as soon as the last note fades, the file is tagged with marketing to promote sales of the music. If I had an Awesome/Not Awesome column, those last three seconds would definitely fall under Not Awesome (the song falls under Awesome though).

New way to combat piracy? Booo. Watermarks are as evil as only streaming clips of hero songs rather than a full download. OK, not nearly as evil, but evil nonetheless.

Everyone needs a friend

MySpace. Purevolume. Virb. Real website. Label site. Some fans are on one, some on another, the smart ones on none. Keep all five updated? Make all but one a placeholder? Forget the internet altogether?

Maybe following the idea of OpenID, there’s a way to keep them all updated from one resource. Or audio could be posted to Last.fm and all the sites could pull from it for their music players. Shows could be posted to Upcoming or Podbop to populate tour listings.


  1. jb 20070507

    Peter Griffin vs. Chicken: Hawesome

    You dancing around to pop music in your living room: Not Awesome (Possibly even Haweful)

  2. BETTY 20070507

    I can’t get past the ‘you dancing your living room’ part. My mind is completely blown by this concept.

  3. matches 20070507

    Yeah, I was pretty stoked when I read that too. It”s like a whole other side to you.

  4. Elan 20070510

    Musician’s stimulating the web market. Don’t take away the knocking opportunity.

    Ride the snake, man.

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