The homepage headline is now brought to you via Twitter. Why? Because I can.

I don’t see myself using Twitter as a real means of publishing my daily life to the world but for all its popularity I wanted a reason to play with it. Rather than leave the headline hard coded or create another post category for it in WordPress, it’s now being pulled from Twitter. This means I can post a new headline via IM or from my phone or whatever other ways Twitter has of barging into one’s life.

If you’re into Twitter and want need a friend, I’m waytoocrowded.


  1. matches 20070413

    Alternatively, you can just change your “blog description” in WordPress, which is what I’ve been doing.

    Twitter seems like a neat service, but I just can’t make the jump to it. “Because the cool kids are using it” is not enough of a reason for me, yet. We’ll see.

  2. waytoocrowded 20070413

    I considered the blog description route as well, but then, like hard coding it, there is no archive. Perhaps Twitter doesn’t keep much of an archive either. But mostly I wanted an excuse to play with Twitter and the service on it’s own wasn’t enough.

  3. elan 20070413

    Twitter is fun and a simple, neat idea. “Blogging for lazy people,” is what I call it.

    The problem is that it has MySpace syndrome, in that they can’t keep the servers up for long enough to handle the tremendous number of users they now have.

    How are you handling your headline when the service is down?

  4. BETTY 20070413

    Mason-family vibe. That about sums Twitter up, for me.

  5. BETTY 20070413

    Okay, so just a few minutes after I posted that, I got an invite to be GNAA’s newest friend in my inbox: http://twitter.com/GNAA …. uhhhhh huh. sheesh.

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