IE6 and status done


This is nothing new. I just managed to never notice it before. How I could escape an IE6 bug I’m not sure, but I did. And for lack of a decent solution, all I can do now is make excuses and blame others for the problem.

IE6 has trouble dealing with background images on links. It’s the cause of the well known flicker (I typed that without the e on my first go) that often occurs when using sprite based CSS rollovers – IE thinks it needs to reload the image. Now I learned even if the background isn’t being repositioned, IE6 still doesn’t quite get it.

Visited Wired. In IE6. Click a link in their nav then before the server response, move your mouse over another link. The “World” stops turning and the status declares “Done” even though the browser is still attempting to load the new URL, effectively telling the user nothing is happening while IE is indeed working. Typically server response is quick enough that this is never noticed – I could only catch it on the Wired example because I was looking for it. Typically being the keyword. Sometimes in development things aren’t optimized yet and page caching leads bugs like this to show up. Being that there is no front-end solution short of not using graphics for the links all that can be said is “Don’t worry about it”. If a live site takes long enough to respond that the glitch is noticeable I’m guessing there are bigger problems to be concerned with. No one uses IE6 anymore anyway, right?


  1. puddingcups 20070412

    i’m sorry if i’m the buzz kill of your website. i’ve decided that i will no longer read all your computer talk but i will just talk about other things instead. like you photos!!! i’m sooooo excited!! there are two in particular. 1. you with a blister on your hand. 2. your hair cut!! you actually have you in your photos, and i don’t think you know how great that makes me feel. like i’m a secret spy and i can keep up on you and make sure that you are doing alright…. sorta like a mom… but i’m too young to be your mom. you would’ve been born when i was -1years old. think about that!!! more pictures more pictures!!! yeeeeeeeee

  2. puddingcups 20070412

    ps- i really can talk it is suppose to be “your photos” not “you photos” but that doesn’t sound that bad… maybe it’ll be the new thing… wait … wait… can you see it now…. no… no… people aren’t buying it…. oh well

  3. waytoocrowded 20070412

    Buzz kill? Never!

    But you should get a Flickr account. Then you can comment on photos there and we all get to see your photos too! And no more photos of me. Ever. That’s creepy.

  4. puddingcups 20070415

    oh yes there WILL be more photos of you!! always and forever. *sparkle*sparkle* … what the hell does that mean??? don’t know. anyhow, jason already discussed this with me. he said that i should get a flickr account. well, you know what??!! i would if i wasn’t “borrowing” people’s internerd…. and i ACTUALLY paid for it! you know. i rarely get a damn signal, and when i do, i can’t count on it. that’s the basics of that. i usually have to go to the local coffee venue, purchase a drink, and use theirs… which is what i am doing exactly at this moment. so now you see the dilemma, incase you can pay for my internet, which happens to be $60 or $70 a month, at the going rate, then i suggest you just go on by yourself, leave me behind…. don’ t worry i’ll make, just please keep putting up photos of yourself… and you can make them not “creepy”, but i already don’t think they are. i gotta go… literally… big BM coming on, and i have to run home. much love. latah

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