I lied about Flickr


Previously I said any of my Flickr contacts can change the colors/photos over here by editing tags for the active photo. For example to get rid of the current green, one would go to this Flickr photo page, edit the waytoo:dark machine tag with a new hex number and magically this site matches the new choice. It was a lie.

Flickr is a bit more careful than than by allowing users to only edit and delete tags they created. But you can add tags to contacts’ photos if they allow it. Instead of editing one of my tags then, just add a new one. The most recently tagged color will show up here while the old tag will remain as a history of what once was.

Nice work Flickr. And yes, I do remember when I hated Flickr. And maybe it will turn out that I am lying again and it’s not pulling the most recent tag. We will see.


  1. elan 20070410

    I really want to try it, but the only hex color I know is #ff0099.

    I couldn’t be that cruel.

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