OMG I redesigned


Six months ago, for the Fall CSS Reboot, this site almost got an update. Late January, I was really into sweaters. A month ago it almost died. This weekend I was excited about Flickr.

A few goals

  1. Flickr
  2. Zero 1px horizontal lines
  3. Zero drop shadows
  4. Less than 250 lines of CSS

Almost made it. The 1px lines still show up for bonus photos and by the time this gets finished 250 lines will be a distant memory. And I just made that number up after checking the current size anyway.

Launch. Quick.

The previously mentioned designs never happened because I got sick of them before finishing. The old design only survived two years because I never really had anything against it (until I got excited about Flickr). There’s a lot of incomplete and totally broken items on here right now. For example, duplicate search results and a non-existent archive (though, given stats on how many times it has ever been viewed, it may stay non-existent). But I know I won’t have time to work on anything again for a few days and by that time I’d be bored of it and decide to just not bother finishing. And then I still wouldn’t have my Flickr issues resolved.

So it’s up. Now I’ll actually want to finish it. And speaking of broken – this has been tested in exactly one browser on exactly one computer. Chances are it doesn’t work well most other places. I’m not scared.

Did I mention Flickr?

I wanted a better way for folks that only look at this site and not my Flickr account to see photo updates. I also wanted those that use Flickr to get more out of this site. For those not into Flickr, at least you can get a preview of more of my photos. But the fun is to be had by those that use Flickr and are in my list of contacts. So, two of you.

Flickr introduced machine tags in January. They are specially formatted tags that include a namespace, predicate and value. They can be used to tie photos to specific items on other sites. For example, my homepage. Or posts (eventually). Additionally, more than just simple “tag” data can be defined in the string value. For example, hex values. Yes, color theming is so 2006. I’m slightly late.

The main photo and two colors (see this post title) are defined in machine tags for the photo on Flickr. The page queries all my Flickr photos, finds the first with a machine tag of waytoo:page=home, gathers the color tags (waytoo:light=cfd9d0 and waytoo:dark=3c2223) and uses that data for display on this site.

Flickr contacts can add/edit their contacts’ tags. If you a Flickr contact of mine, you can add or change the machine tags on any of my photos and have those tags change the presentation of my site. Don’t like the red? Change the dark value of the machine tag. Don’t like the photo? Add the waytoo:page=home to a different photo. Colors are optional as there are defaults – photos can be tagged and left with no color tags or one or both the color values can be set.

It takes a bit for them to show up, but they will. Also, currently the data for the most recently uploaded photo with the waytoo:page=home will be used. So to make an older photo show, the tag has to be deleted from the current photo. And continuing the spirit of not being done, there is no check to make sure you don’t set my text to white. But I can see who tags what and how, you’ve been warned. The future plan is for posts to be able to have unique photos and colors via Flickr.


I just couldn’t resist not having any angles on the site. The background is either a cannibalized version of the old Escape site or rip off the a Trans Am cover, your call.

Now go play with Flickr.


  1. matches 20070404

    I am… so confused right now. But hot damn, it looks really nice. Just when I thought I could slack off on my own site.

    No horizontal lines? I don’t even know you anymore.

  2. elan 20070404


    It makes me excited about Flickr.

  3. jb 20070404

    remember when you refused to use flickr?

  4. jb 20070404

    oh yeah, I was about to complain about the lack of a clickable header (except on the index page) and then it just appeared!

    seriously though, site looks nice.

  5. will 20070404

    awesome. you’re sitting 10 feet away from me but since you didn’t tell me you redesigned, I’m not telling you I like it.

  6. puddingcups 20070405

    umm….. what happened here?? i barely knew where to go towrite anything.

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