Because videos are for promotion


Just to reiterate. Streaming music videos/posting them for download on bands/label/myspace/youtube sites is good business.

I saw this article last week about how one label pulled their band’s video from YouTube while another label posted their band’s video promptly after its worldwide debut and a month before the album release. I wasn’t a fan of Arctic Monkeys the first time they made noise, but this new song is so good. I dig them now. Maybe I’ll even go see them play the next time they’re in town. Good thing that video is online, else I’d still think they’re lousy. Way to go Domino!

Of course without the PSFK article pointing out the folly of RCA I probably still wouldn’t know about the Arctic Monkeys video so if every label openly posted such media the overload would cause gems to go unnoticed anyway, but whatevs. What’s not available can’t be noticed either.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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