Snowboarders are terrible


Snowboarding is often generalized as skiing in terms of winter recreation: “The ski trip this weekend was fun” refers to a trip where both skiing and snowboarding or perhaps even just snowboarding took place. Signs reading “Ski Area Boundary” refers to the boundary of a resort offering both skiing and snowboarding as recreation. “Ski in control” means snowboarders have to ride in control as well. Terrain parks used to be called snowboard parks but lost that distinction to be less snowboarder specific as freestyle skiing gained popularity.

If snowboarders are most often lumped under ski related terms and skiers are never referred to as snowboarders, why is an article pointing out the impacts of winter recreation on wildlife titled Snowboarders may be stressing alpine wildlife? Because snowboarders are terrible. And “Daffy” and “Spread Eagle” don’t make for nearly as cool of an intro as “Ollie” and “Air to Fakie”.


  1. majafa 20070315

    My only thought for trying to justify the title of the article is that in recent years (decade or so), snowboarding has blown up as far as popularity, bringing in more people than resorts used to see when only sking was around, thus causing for problems or whatever. (Wow that was a long sentence.)

    Then again I like your “ollie” and “air to fakie” sounds better than “daffy” and “spread eagle” theory too.

  2. matches 20070315

    Snowboarders are sacked with this “handicap” to make skiers feel better about looking like nerds no matter what they do.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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