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Last year I was interested in The bands and their likelihood of rocking based on bands playing at SXSW. Given the success of that analysis, here’s a look at the chance of a Portland band being a rocker.

Same sources

Again, the SXSW folks distributed a torrent with nearly all the showcase bands. This year it came in at 739 bands. Also like last year, Music For Robots made a list of their favorites which included 121 bands and I still count their musical tastes as quite impeccable. However, it included additional mp3s not included in the torrent – over 800 songs – making this a bit difficult. We’ll say the total is 815 ± 15. It’s an exact science you know. More importantly, tables are fun.

Bands at SXSW 2007
Location Bands Good % Good % Good of Total
All 815 ± 15 121 14.8% ± .02% 14.8% ± .02%
Not From Portland 801 ± 15 119 14.9 ± .02% 14.6% ± .02%
From Portland 14 2 14.3% .002% ± .02%

Based on that perfectly valid math, it looks like relocating to Portland, a supposed hotbed of good music, actually decreased my chance of being in a good band as 14.9% of those bands not from Portland are good while only 14.3% from here are rockers. Apparently that means I’d have a been more likely to be rock star living in ruralish Wisconsin. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

That said

After reviewing the Portland set, there are certainly some standouts not included in the good list. Where’s 31knots and Old Time Relijun, for example? Maybe I’m a little biased.

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