My Flickr sharing is sparse not because I’m not interested in taking photos but because carrying my beast of point-and-shoot with me is less than convenient and I’m not into the whole man purse thing. The result is missed photos.

Recently the door opening to the roof of building I work at was left open for HVAC maintenance. Noticing the opportunity one day, I made sure to take my camera with to work the next day hoping it’d still be open. Of course it was locked. Maybe someday I’ll be able to share those views.

Thursday there were a few huge puffy clouds floating low in a bright blue sky after work making for a beauty of a cityscape. In the time it would take me to get home, retrieve my camera and return to the scene it’d be much too late.

The last few days Engadget has been filling the RSS with PMA announcements. All those little cameras have me convinced I’d be much more satisfied with them than an SLR most days.

Maybe. Or I’ll just stick with my Memory Stick sucking monster so I have an excuse.


  1. majafa 20070311

    My camera is nice and small. Sadly my problem is I never keep the batteries charged and ready to go. ha.

  2. matches 20070312

    Just join the club and get one of these. Man. Now I want one of those too.

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