I swear I don’t mumble. Robots just don’t get me.

“Next, say your last name.”

I say my name.

“OK. You said Farnino. Is that correct?”


“OK. This time say your name and then spell it. For example, if your last name is Smith, you’d say ‘Smith. S-M-I-T-H’.”

I say my name. And spell it.

“OK. You said Fahniey. F-A-H-N-I-E-Y. Is that correct?”


“OK. Let’s try it again. This time speak slower.”

I say my name. And start spelling it. “F-A-R-N…”

“OK. You said Farninie. F-A-R-N-I-N-I-E. Is that correct.”


“OK. Let’s try something else. Say your last name.” (How is this trying something else? Didn’t I do that three times already?)

“Point Pen.”

“OK. You said Pointpen. Is that correct?”


“OK. Thank you Paul Pointpen. Let’s go to the next step.”


  1. matches 20070221

    Farnino… that’s one to add to your alias list.

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