Fifteen minutes: Time to drive to skatepark.

Two minutes: Time skateboarding before colliding with snaking 10 year old.

Thirteen minutes: Time skateboarding before it starts raining.

Fourteen minutes: Time to drive to other skatepark.

Five dollars: Cost for helmet rental and 90 minutes of perfect indoor mini ramp shredding.

Mini ramps. Seriously. Old man knees don’t even care. As much.

Oh right, it’s winter. I should be snowboarding.


  1. jb 20070211

    seeing that mini ramp that your old knees skated at the department of skateboarding made me realize i should probably find one of those soon and shred. sounds like a fun mission you were on.

  2. majafa 20070213

    want my skateboard helmet…save on rental fees? i’ll never use it haha.

  3. sally 20070214

    i wish that i could skate… or would skate more… ohhhhhhh isee my childhood flashing before me. next thursday i turn a quarter of a century….. dang!
    ps- you know why you’re skating and not snowboarding… i know too.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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