I used to read fiction. A lot. Everyday. In books. Real paper and covers and pages and textures and smells and missing pages and previous readers highlighting and notes. My first year of school I didn’t have my own computer to waste time on so I’d hang out in the library reading books. It was a nice place to read as it seemed at that school people only used it for research so the fiction area tended to be empty. I never even had to check the books out – just stop in, grab it from the shelf, find a chair, read until my next class, put it back and come repeat the next day. Encountered quite a few great stories that way. That before I was really into this whole web development thing.

The next year I transfered schools, got a computer and found myself a bit more immersed in the whole internet thing. Fiction started getting phased out for nerd books. I’d still go to the library but nearly always had my laptop in tow and a network cable ready for any available jack. Fewer paper cuts and more strained eyes. And hardly any stories. Now if it doesn’t come in RSS there’s not much of a chance I’ll be reading it with the exception of a few pages of code here and there.

This story has been open in a Firefox tab for the last few days and unfortunately I don’t remember where it was linked from. It’s something I read a while ago but was nice to see again. Here’s another good one I happen to randomly be reminded of (perhaps because I’m sure I first read it online). No worries, they’re both short.

Perhaps there’s an RSS feed out there somewhere that delivers a good short story every few days. I forgot how marvelous fiction is.


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    I read a ton in high school, partially due to my working at a library and keeping on top of new releases. Since graduating and no longer working there, I find myself reading (novels) much less, and I hardly ever end up at the library. I still love reading and will devour any book that looks interesting; that just happens with much less frequency these days.

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