I still don’t get it


My Akismet spam filter hit 200 today. Does more spam mean greater popularity? Looking at my stats, I’d say no.

Along with the rise it spam catches comes a rise in spam comments that make it to the site. They tend to be masked behind random letter combinations for email addresses, URLs and comments. The puzzler is that the domains to the URLs they are promoting show up as not even being registered. So what’s the point? Does that even count as spam?


  1. puddingcups 20070126

    arghh!! i hate this.. i wish i could respond to your technology, but i can’t, i’m no expert. quite frankly when i respond on your website it just makes me look like a total idiot. thanks a lot. perhaps you should talk about something that interests all of your viewers (see, i don’t even know what you call the people that come on websites… is it viewers??, that sounds like tv). i was thinking that if i could pick one assessorie that i would wear everyday if i wouldn’t think about it, would most likely be fake eyelashes. them things seem sweet. thank you. goodday.

  2. jb 20070128


  3. matches 20070128


  4. puddingcups 20070131

    you and cj both jb, you and cj both!!!…and shitpants (i do believe he was the starter of the moccasin trend) and i laughed and i laughed…. boy did that kick me in the ass!!
    ps- you might notice that my writings will become more sporatic and delirious… that’s because i see in my future a huge lack of sleep… 21 credits… i’ll be crazy!crazy! crazy i tell ya!

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