All the emperor’s riches


I heard this story recently. It has a hole in it. Perhaps that hole has already been filled in the comments. You’ve been warned.

It was tradition for the emperor to leave all his riches to his eldest son. However, the emperor had two eldest sons – twins. It wouldn’t be fair for him to choose one so he decided to hold a competition in which the winner would be awarded his riches.

The emperor invited his two sons to his castle and told them each to bring their best horse. On the day of the competition, the sons arrived with their horses and were invited in to discuss the occasion and ensuing competition. And so the emperor announced, “Across the land is a pot of gold. He whose horse gets there last wins the gold and all my riches. Go now!”

Confused, the sons got up and went to their horses. They each proceeded slowly trying to find a way to get behind the other. They’d let their horses stop for water and rest. They’d try to back track so the other would get in front. Each refused to lead the way. This continued for much of the day until they reached a wise man. They told the wise man of the competition and after receiving his response both took off in a fury for the gold as fast as possible.

What did the wise man say?


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    Switch horses.

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