A good news feed?


I’ve recently come to realize (maybe more like admit) that while plenty of enjoyable, technically useful or simply pretty/interesting items get fed to me through RSS everyday, I have no idea what’s going on in my city, my country or the world outside the two or three major headlines each day that you can’t open a web browser without finding out about. I needed to adjust (add to) my RSS addiction.

I want the story in the feed

First I looked for local news feeds. Then national. Finally international. Being used to tech sites and blogs posting the entire content of their articles to RSS I expected the same from news sources. Not so much. I’m yet to find a news feed that I don’t have to click through to read the actual content. I like to scan through posts and read what sounds interesting based on the title and skip the rest. Opening a new tab for an article is as bad as having to go the the publisher’s website and click a link for it. It’s especially bad for news as there tends to be quite a few events in a day as opposed to a blog where there might be on post a day or even just every few days. Even worse is The Oregonian‘s idea of a permalink where a page with an entire month of articles is linked with named anchors and marked up in crufty tables and spacer GIFs. Can’t wait to load that page on January 31st. To make it better, said anchors don’t seem to work in Firefox.

I realize much of news publishers’ revenue comes from advertising and those clicks mean more dollars, but why not just drop a text ad at the bottom of the story in the RSS? Firefox blocks all your site’s banner ads for me anyway.

Better than nothing

So now I’m just slightly better off than I was a week ago. Rather than knowing nothing, at least I get headlines and sometimes a one sentence rewording of said headline. That’s not exactly enough content to actually know what’s happening, but at least I won’t be completely in the dark. Know of a good news source that won’t make me click to read an article – local, national or international?


  1. jb 20070111

    i’ve been down this road. and given up. if i ever find a news site that provides more than two sentences for a story in their newsfeed, i will let you know.

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