80′s bass sludge


Last month Music Thing linked a bunch of virtual drum machines. Today I decided to rock my face off to their beats and record some noise that’s probably a rip off of something I once heard.

The drums came from the 1986 Boss DR-220a (a for acoustic drums/beat 22 for starters). Everything was recorded in Audacity and later mixed in Kristal – for whatever reason Kristal wasn’t digging my soundcard for recording. Loops were created for the beats and sequenced in ACID Xpress. A couple extra noises came from Soundforum Synth. The beats are loops but the bass tracks were played in full. And only first takes.

An 80′s drum machine and three bass tracks doesn’t exactly equal rock and roll but hopefully the roughness makes up for it. Anyone care to add vocals?

Here’s the MP3.


  1. matches 20070108

    Dirty Grooves.

  2. waytoocrowded 20070108

    Sweet Beats.

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