I’m all about the right


I write right handed. I operate remotes right handed. I open my tubby bitch right handed. I put my right shoe on first*. I play bass right handed. I mouse right handed. I shave the right side of my face first. I put my right contact lens in first. I drive on the right side of the road. I’m good at right turns. I once made a website with everything aligned to the right. I carry things in my right pocket. I hit snooze with my right hand. I hold cameras in my right hand. I point right handed. I prefer right handed high fives. I throw my horns right handed**. I close chat windows with my right hand. I use power tools with my right hand. I look right before left. I look for an R before thinking about finding an L. I start with the right should with backpacks. I let my right foot free of its binding while riding chairlifts. I push right footed. I pop right footed. I used the right shifter more than the left. I like the light on the right side of the stem. I make the right column wider than the left. I like speakers with the power/volume on the right. I put the icon to the right of the word. I think of terrible posts with the right side of my brain. I’ll soon have two posts with the word right in the title on the homepage. I’ll use the rightmost button to publish this.

Point being, I was browsing through a bunch of my photos and noticed pretty much all of them have the focal point shifted to the right in the frame, especially when said focal point is a person or animal.

* If I happen to pick it up first.
** Unless there’s too much rock for one hand.


  1. matches 20070105

    Those are interesting observations, because despite also being right-handed, I don’t have nearly the same affinity for all things right that you do.

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