So I tend to favor the simple.

Sony DJ Headphones L/R indicator

In need of some headphones, I grabbed Majafa‘s Sony monsters. I’ve used them before but this time noticed one set of the left and right indicators. Rather than only put the L and R on the outside, they are also set so that when you hold the headphones you can see them. Better yet, they are only on one side so after the first usage you don’t even have to pay attention to the letters but rather just their presence. If you can’t see the indicators, you have them the wrong way – and no one will have to look at them in DJ/studio photos.

Philips DVD Player remote

The remote for my JVC DVD/VCR combo is ridiculous. Either I don’t use it enough to get used to the buttons or (as I’m more convinced) they just did a terrible job designing it. Granted a DVD player only can get by with far fewer buttons, this Philips remote makes me smile. So simple and clean. The most important buttons have a different color and shape and are located right in the sweet spot when holding the remote. Plus the case itself is symmetrical and the branding doesn’t have any unneeded product numbers in it.

Holiday wrapping paper

I found this in my mom’s stash of paper. I’m pretty sure it’s rather old but it’s my favorite despite the lack of function in that it’s practically transparent.


  1. jb 20061226

    your hand scares me on that photo of the remote.

  2. jb 20061226

    bitchin remote though.

  3. majafa 20061230

    they are great headphones…for being Sony.

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