Portland, it burns, tonight!


A block into my walk home tonight and everything was balck black. No street lights. No traffic signals. No store lights. Just surprisingly slow moving headlights. I guess hurricane-force winds have a tendency to do that. It’s rather strange walking through a business district normally full of life only to see darkness and a few emergency lights from the bank.

Within two blocks of my apartment I could see the Christmas lights from the neighboring bed and breakfast. And that’s when I smiled knowing I could still go home and waste away the evening playing internet. Nice how grids work.


  1. puddingcups 20061215

    everything was balck?? what’s that?hehehe once here half the downtown was “balck” it was weird you could see the stars in the sky that only the sweet darkness of the country usually provides, but that was because there were explosions underground in the pipes not because of hurricane force winds. the lids of the sewer, i forget what they are called were blowing off on Johnson street i guess (this was two years ago) and i missed it. but i got outta class for the day because the pumps in the photography department shut off with the power, but the water kept running and the room was flooded with a ton or so of water. it was thrilling, except i had to exert myself and use the stairwell instead of the elevator.

  2. waytoocrowded 20061215

    Balck is the new black, you didn’t hear?

  3. majafa 20061216

    when did it get back to black? first came black. then pink was the new black. then brown was the new pink. I guess black reclaimed it’s spot from brown somewhere along the line…now bad spellers are marking balck above it, eh?

  4. puddingcups 20061220

    guess what?? i watched v for vendetta. can’t wait until you’re home… muahahahaha

  5. matches 20061220

    Wasn’t green the new black at some point? Or was it the new brown?

    V for Vendetta ties Lucky Number Slevin for my favorite movie of the year.

  6. majafa 20061221

    v for vendetta and lucky number slevin…two more movies to add to the list of movies i have yet to see.

  7. jb 20061221

    lucky number slevin was rad, maybe even my fave this year. i rented v for vendetta but forgot to watch it. i’ll get back to you all on that one.

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