So the snowboard companies have the hand warming part down. And my jacket is great. But as warm as the pockets are, the opening is about a quarter inch too small to slide a DVD case into. I want to carry a movie and keep my hands cozy without wearing gloves. Enter the next must have jacket feature: DVD Pockets™ – optimized to fit both your hand and a single DVD.


  1. majafa 20061210

    since when you do watch DVDs?

  2. matches 20061211

    That drawing makes me smile. I especially enjoy the hand.

  3. waytoocrowded 20061211

    majafa: Since September 1996 maybe?

    matches: That better not be an insult masked in sarcasm. I’ll have you know I am famous in certain parts for my hand drawing abilities.

  4. matches 20061212

    Trust me, it wasn’t sarcasm.

  5. puddingcups 20061214

    certain parts of what?

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