I really like Jell-o. Pretty much all the flavors, especially the red ones. And please, no chunks of fruit in it! Terrible. Tonight I really wanted some Jell-o so dutifully boiled some water, dumped in the powder, stirred in some cold water and then stared at it. As if staring at it will make what looks like Kool-Aid* in a bowl magically turn to Jell-o. Two hours later and it’s still not ready for serving. Where’s my instant Jell-o laser beam? At least breakfast will be extra enjoyable.

I realize they sell pre-Jellified servings but you don’t get the candy factory smell in your kitchen with those and that part just adds to the Jell-o hawesomeness.**

* another favorite
** jb, that one’s for you.


  1. cr 20061208

    Jell-o is amazing. Personally, I do like fruit at times though, especially pears in the grape flavor.

  2. matches 20061208

    I like Kool-Aid, but I’m not so much into the Jell-o. Jell-o instant pudding though, that’s where it’s at. Mmmmm… chocolate.

  3. jb 20061208

    jell-o with chunks of anything: not good

    blue jell-o: hawesome

    pistachio instant pudding: hawesomer

  4. majafa 20061208

    Jell-o is good. Actually, I kinda like almost any product/thing ending in “O” Jell-o. Lego. um, ah, eh…Yahoo.

  5. matches 20061209

    …Xbox 36o?

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