I have some old 3.5″ disks that I wanted to get the data off. Unfortunately, Windows refused to read two of the five disks. In searching online for software to get by the corrupted file system, I decided to give another go at finding a way to read an old laptop drive that’s still refusing to hand over some much wanted digi photos. The search led to some questionable software from questionable sources.

I wasn’t scared though and carelessly continued on my quest. Then in attempting to launch one of the downloads all I got was a flash of the command prompt. Oh balls.

This morning my system tray was treated to a new icon and launching Firefox also caused IE to open with a dozen animated GIFs. Sweet. Fortunately, spyware is popular enough these days that it’s easy to find all the tools needed to get rid of it. Unfortunately scanning drives for all the junk can be quite time consuming. Four hours of “Safe Mode” in the corners of my screen and my computer is back to its previous state. Still don’t have the data off that hard drive though.


  1. puddingcups 20061207

    Why don’t you just stick to your “girlfriend”?? it sounds way easier. And admitt it, you were scared, i know you were… see you soon suckah! ps-V is for Vendetta, and don’t you forget it lady killer

  2. majafa 20061208

    I feel I’m somewhat responsible for this. Oh well. haha

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