IE7 isn’t awesome


I’m not talking interface wise – I couldn’t care less if people want to look at that. I’m only concerned with the content in the browser window. While there have been many improvements in CSS rendering in IE7, it seems I constantly run into issues I assumed would be fixed. The latest: the content property and the :before and :after psuedo selectors.

It’s pretty common to see text based utility navigation in the footer of websites with the options displayed inline often divided by a 1px vertical bar. Easy enough – add a border to one side of the li‘s with a class on the first or last item to override the border.* The trouble comes when the design calls for something a bit more subtle, such a colon. The pre2k option is to add the colon to all but the last list item. I know it’s getting rather picky and probably not as important a battle as some issues, but bear with me, I’d really prefer that not to be in the source. The colon doesn’t make sense when the list is viewed without the CSS in place to render it inline and it acts more as a design element than content. Design elements in source = bad.

The content property of CSS allows items like this to be rendered without cluttering the source. IE6 doesn’t support it but I was looking forward to creating cleaner lists once IE7 became more pervasive. So much for that. Despite content and the :before and :after psuedo selectors being part of the CSS2 specification, they’re still only supported by what I like to call the good browsers.

Here’s an example of what is and what could be. Try it in IE compared to a Gecko or WebKit based browser. Any other ideas about creating lists like this without putting cruft in the code? Background images are almost an option, but they don’t scale with text size the way generated content does.

1999 is so cool. I guess I should have known and paid better attention to the lists of radness not being added since IE6. I’m over being excited about IE7.

* IE7 does support :first-child so depending on the project you might at least be able to say goodbye to that otherwise useless class attribute.


  1. matches 20061118

    Say what you will about me, but I used :first-child for the first time the other day. And then I thought “wow, this is cool!” And then IE6 broke it.

  2. matches 20061118

    Which is to say, it sucks to have all these cool toys we can’t do anything with because 60% of the population is still retarded.

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