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Lately the accounts on my longtime favorite webmail solution have been bogged down with spam. Additionally, several real emails miraculously disappeared into ether between the sending computer and My Way servers. I’ve mentioned before that other than the no ads, there wasn’t anything particular to like about My Way so once spam seemed to start flip flopping presence with actual email I decided it was time to move on for good.

Thunderbird is marvelous – when I’m at my own computer. The webmail interface for my addresses however is bare bones. It gets the job done but certainly doesn’t make it overly pleasant. Sorry SquirrelMail, you’re certainly a classic, but I need a little more usability – and eye candy never hurts.

Enter RoundCube. It’s open source, easily installs on my server, looks pretty and I can get to it from any computer. All ad free. And for now at least, spam free. It feels like a desktop app. The one thing missing compared to Thunderbird is a preview pane. As it stands emails open after a page refresh much like traditional webmail services.* There are plenty of active developers toiling away at such features and a patch is available to add a preview however my experience with it has been pretty buggy. Since for now I’m just using RoundCube as a substitute to my desktop app when away from my computer, I can wait until it runs smoothly. Even sans preview, the current experience is tenfold more pleasant than dealing with SquirrelMail or My Way or any other hosted webmail accounts I’ve tried.

* Yeah, Yahoo’s newest includes a preview and the interface is quite nice. But it also comes with ads and an inbox full of spam five minutes after creating an account.


  1. matches 20061116

    I don’t check my emails much when not at home so the webmail interface, aside from the important criteria of actually existing, hasn’t been of huge importance to me.

    That said, SquirrelMail is ugly indeed. Are you using Squarcl— I mean, RoundCube, as a replacement for that as access to your w2c account?

  2. waytoocrowded 20061116

    Exactly. RoundCube replaces my SquirrelMail. Now all my w2c addresses can be accessed from a pretty web interface.

  3. jb 20061117

    i’m pretty much speachless after viewing that sprockets site…

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