Two internerd businesses I don’t understand


Maybe you remember when I used to always talk about that one site I once worked on. Last week I checked the whois info on the domain to see any lasting impression of it and it turned out had since been registered to Web Advertising Corp. Two days later I looked again and the domain was once again unregistered. I figured they too lost interest in the project until yesterday I found the Caribbean Online International was the proud new owner. Like the previous owner, they too are located in Nassau, BS.

Squatting and Resquatting

So companies scan registry records for domains recently released and start buying them up hoping either someone forgot to renew their own domain or someone else will want to come in a capitalize on the previous owners hard work at establishing the URI? Awesome business plan, but it apparently works (better than Escape Eperil’s…). What’s also interesting is has had 24 name server changes since Escape Eperil died six months ago. On top of that, I think domains are protected for a period of time after registration dies suggesting it has actually had less time to trade hands.

That, along with buying up domains that have never had the opportunity to point to real content and it’s no wonder we end up with suffixes like .biz and .info.

Everyone’s linking me!

I’m rather addicted to my stats and take a special interest in what gets linked and from where (I’m telling you Andy, ice cream sandwiches). It makes me cry when when I check in only to find the last twenty referrals were from some random porn site. Someone clearly wrote the software to automate referral spam in the first place, would someone please write a script for spammers to use to determine if a site even makes it’s referrers publicly visible before spamming them? If they aren’t, it does them no good in page rank anyway and percent of admins taken from an already relatively small pool that’ll actually be down for the content isn’t going to be enough to support it the spam bandwidth.

At least Akismet kills all my comment spam.


  1. matches 20061110

    There is so much suckage on the internet these days, and the two things you mention are just part of the problem. My last 10 emails were all exactly the same except for the sender – a random name and an email address starting with, of all things, deborah followed by more randomness.

    I too will never understand the point of most of it, and so I try to ignore it and just pick through the good parts (seriously, cookies forever). Also, I miss Esca 23.

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