I’m a good cook


The other day I broke a cereal bowl. I guess dropping Corelle ware isn’t included in their break resistant standards. No more inviting over a full table of guests.

Yesterday cooking dinner resulting in a clean break of a supposed oven safe dish. At least that got me out of having to wash it and put it away, but why break this time after having been in the oven so many times before.

Pink cameras are cool, right? Yep, more filler, less killer.


  1. majafa 20061106

    I do like the pink cameras. But, I preferred the picture box things opening up rather than a link to flick(e)r.

    Corelle won’t replace broken stuff? booo.

  2. puddingcups 20061106

    hahahahaha!!!! this is about the best post ever heheheheh. ahhhhh it gives me so many ideas… a sink full of dishes to wash… wash them or break them??? imagine the possibilities. on a dissimilar note, do you ever think about garbage?? i have been. it’s ridiculous. an entire dumpster at one apartment a week overflowing with garbage, and then all the others in the city. i’m surprised we’re not under a mountain of our own trash. also if anyone can answer this question…. waste water treatment, do they purify it and then do we use it for drinking?? if so what happens to all of the bloodborne pathogens… (panther i bet you feel like you’re back at tombstone pizza again!! MSDS, greenrooms, safety slogans!)because if anything those people that are germaphobes, if they thought about it, would never be able to use water again! enough. so long

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