Four months ago I started thinking again about working on a design to launch with the Fall Reboot. Then I went skateboarding instead.

Four weeks ago checked up on the new CSS Reboot site and considered adding myself. Then I went skateboarding instead.

Four days ago I launched Photoshop, made a crumby design that allowed for a number of javascript shenanigans and API calls and built parts of the site. I was about to go sign up but, well, I went skateboarding instead.*

Down for a Redevelop

While I’m totally down for the Reboot and dig seeing what everyone else has done, I don’t want the one day my site gets viewed by hundreds (thousands?) of strangers to coincide with the first day I’m actually bummed about the design. As I’ve referenced in more posts than I care to link at this point, I’m not overly enthused about how this site looks as the moment and never actually planned out the design but at least it works and won’t be encouraging visits tagged as a redesign. If I actually redesigned, I’d want to be stoked on it.

I really did reboot. Sort of. Given today marks the beginning of IE7 distribution over Windows auto update I ran this Find/Replace query on my CSS.

As it turns out I wasn’t doing anything special for IE anyway. Not much of a reboot after all.

* Some of those “I went skateboarding”‘s are probably lies and only there to cover my RSS addiction.


  1. matches 20061101

    Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe tens. Anyway, I get what you mean. I don’t know what I would’ve done had I not come up with something I liked, but it helps that I already have a list of stuff to change in 6 months. Until then it’s half-assed, stopgap solutions.

    Starting with that freaking comment box.

  2. jb 20061102

    Panther, you and I both know that at the very most, one of those “I went skateboarding”s actually occurred. The drug we call “RSS” is a tough one to kick.

  3. puddingcups 20061104

    mumbo jumbo. maybe when you redesign the page you should add at least one skull on the page….because that would be, i don’t know … oh yeah, “rather rad”!!

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