One of the things that’s been fun about having a website with my name in the source code is it makes it easy for long lost “friends” to find me. This can also be problematic but that’s a whole different post. Or maybe it already was. I forget. Or site statistics just scare me when I see my name was searched for but no one admitted to it.

Today I got an email from someone I haven’t heard from in at least three years. I was stoked. Then the last line of the rather brief email: “Do you have [majafa]‘s email address?”

Awesome. Glad I could be of assistance.

Such a LiveJournal post.

And I’m totally kidding – I just needed some filler content on this site – still stoked on getting random emails, even if no one actually wants to hear from me.


  1. majafa 20061026

    Ha. So you’re using the “All filler, no killer” approach when if comes to site content now? I kid I kid…

  2. jb 20061027

    Jenny From The Block was a pretty awesome song.

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