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While I’m not typically one to subscribe to email newsletters, a little over a year ago I decided to learn more about what type of emails companies were sending and how they were building them. The other day I received an email from one of those lists though this time rather than using proper email blast software to send it, it looks more like someone loaded all the addresses into their mail app’s address book and simply hit send to all. This reveals all 2,391 email addresses on the list to everyone. Nice. I’ve mentioned to “friends” before to please use the bcc field if they insist on including me in their forwarding antics so to avoid alerting others to my email address. At least their weren’t names associated with this one.

Study Up

This email came from a smallish snowboard related company. I’d guess most of people on the list are between 14 and 22, but that’s pure speculation. And probably 98% are doodz. I decided this would make for a good opportunity to get an idea of what webmail services and such people in this market are using. Of the 2,391 addresses (including one of my own), here are some numbers:

Email Domains
Domain # %
Hotmail 847 35.4
Yahoo 407 17.0
AOL 249 10.4
Gmail 138 5.8
.edu 65 2.7 11 .4
Brands in User Name
Brand # %
Burton 16 .6
Forum 13 .5
Airblaster 13 .5
Capita 11 .4
Volcom 10 .4
Gnu 8 .3
Grenade 4 .1
Emerica 3 .1
Words in User Name
Word # %
Board 127 5.3
Sk8 32 1.3
Gnar 8 .3

Nearly 70% are using one of the big webmail services. Two of those (Gmail and Hotmail) are particular pains to write proper HTML for. And gnar really is a popular word. Wicked.

Apparently targeted lists like this sell well. Any buyers? I kid. Maybe.


  1. majafa 20061020

    Ha! Only you would take an opportunity like this to figure out the %s of the most popular email domains hehe.

    I’ll start the bidding at $1.

  2. puddingcups 20061025

    i’m not going to bid… i think that you threw the numbers. there is no way in hell that anyone other than you uses the word “gnar” … as in “let’s go shred the gnar” … therefore i think the list is a fake!!! yeah i’ll call you out on it. V is for vendetta

  3. majafa 20061026

    PC: actually the word “gnar” is quite popular with MTV watching kids. For one example: The show Viva El Bam or whatever it’s called. I think one of his friends had a demolition car and painted “Gnar Shredder” on the side of it in one episode. This was a few years ago. I don’t remember details too well…

  4. puddingcups 20061026

    HAHAHAHAH!!! panther is “trendy” God Bless America!! … but you did say that “was a few years ago”…. now i definately think that you should get a faux hawk, and while you’re at it get a polo and flip up the collar too… or is the collar down this year? i don’t know but i’m sure you would.. panther

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