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If Windows Vista fails it will be for one reason only: dropping Pinball from the games list. And given Minesweeper has been rewritten to take advantage of the new graphix engine, it may well be a lost cause too.


  1. matches 20061018

    But you’re so 1337 that you’ll be emulating multiple versions of Windows from your Macbook (Pro?), so you can Minesweep in 32 colors whenever you want!

  2. puddingcups 20061018

    ohhh minesweeper…. cj took that off our computer because i would play it until my eyes started bleeding from the computer screen…. same thing happened last nite with spider solitaire i played from two o’clock til eleven… just so i could avoid my homework. the saddest thing is.. i only play the beginner level. what a loser

  3. puddingcups 20061018

    ps- i don’t get your “photos” over there on the side of the screen. all it does when you click on it is come up with a bunch of mumbo jumbo. (disapointed face) that’s not photos!! what in the hell is that! i’m outta here.

  4. waytoocrowded 20061018

    All those links over there are related to the new black. Try clicking the photo at the top of this page if you prefer the old school route.

  5. majafa 20061020

    Didn’t Windows drop Pinball one time earlier, and then they brought it back when a new OS came out? Maybe Windows 98 or 2000? I swear we had a Windows computer without Pinball years ago.

  6. puddingcups 20061021

    i definately like the old school style better… and speaking of “new black” they’re a band… and from what i’ve heard at the local barnes and nobles they rock… but they never have them in stock and i’m too lazy to order it for fear of forgetting to go in and buy it later. you should check them out…. also they never have any of the music that i want… do you got any new bands i should check out??

  7. waytoocrowded 20061021

    majafa: I believe it wasn’t included in Windows 98 but then resurfaced in Win2k. And wouldn’t you know, Win2k is the best Windows yet.

    puddingcups: New Black are rockers. You should dig through your email archives – I think we had that discussion once. And I’m pretty sure there’s almost always at least two links to good bands on the homepage.

  8. jb 20061022

    puddingskank: if you wanna see/hear a good band, bring CJ and yourself over here next weekend. they are called the black angels and they get awesome.

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