Best A/V button since eject on a remote


This might be standard these days, but it is rad. The control panel on my television has two modes: one for the on state and another for the off state. When on, the buttons work as labeled. But when off, the channel and volume buttons become power buttons as well. Trivial as it is, it was a nice surprise and it makes me never want to use the remote to turn it on since unfortunately all its buttons don’t transform into power.


  1. jb 20061007

    only turds link to myspace pages.

  2. waytoocrowded 20061007

    Seriously. Same goes for hijacking comment threads.

  3. majafa 20061008

    So when the tele is off you can press any of the front panel buttons to turn it on? Cool. Have you tried hooking your internet cable to the TV yet to see if you can get cable TV, even though you didn’t order any cable TV package? You should.

    Since jb already hijacked this thread, how come your best comments/postings aren’t commentable (sure, it’s a word)? I would enjoy talking about that google maps post. Sadly I can’t.

  4. matches 20061008

    That is a very interesting bit of UI design, and you’re right, it makes a lot of sense. My favorite button award goes to the (X) button on the 360 controller since it does damn near everything and we now fortunately live in an age where I don’t have to walk all the way to the console to turn it on.

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