Yes. Roller derby is for real. And there is practice and technique and strategy. And the fans are stoked on their teams.

I showed up at the Rose City Rollers (note: that site crashes my FF everytime, must be the rad cursor) championship bout knowing nothing of the game nor the teams. Judging the teams on their banners alone, I was leaning towards backing the Heartless Heathers. However when the Guns N Rollers walked out with skates and guitar cases in tow, I quickly faltered on my allegiance – with names like Axl Blows, Itzo Easy and Paradise Kitty how could I not.

In addition to the derby action, the night also consisted of:

Good, clean fun.


  1. matches 20061001

    Not sure where, but I remember reading about them previously and ending up at that site (which works in Safari, by the way).

    I gotta say the best name of all is Fire Crotch.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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