Fagaceae Castanea mollissima Blume


One day the street was suddenly covered in smashed nuts. I blame Chinese Chestnut trees and the spiny miniature death stars growing from their branches that open in late summer dropping missiles on cars and passersby.

Oh Flickr

One of the reasons I was so late to jump on the Flickr madness was the fear of having photos that seem more appropriate over here end up over there, or the opposite. And so it starts. I like having the header image over there so I don’t have to write a post about it when adding a new one while still making the entire image available. But what about when I do write a post about it or include other photos that go along with it but that I don’t really see fit for the beast that is Flickr? Photos over there are nice at 500px wide but that is about 50px more than needed here.

Maybe if I ever design this site I’ll make working that out a priority. Or just go for the eye candy.


  1. majafa 20060924

    i don’t like flickr.

  2. matches 20060925

    majafa, how come?

  3. puddingcups 20060925

    i don’t even know what flickr is.. that’s how outta date i am. ha!

  4. majafa 20060925

    I find flickr’s navigation methods difficult and puzzling at times. and then of course there’s always that missing “e” in their name.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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