For two years of my life I had to drive twenty minutes to get to the nearest Wells Fargo branch but rather than switching to something local I stuck with them because I knew they could easily move with me when needed (after all, I started the account while living in Denver). User mobility is the one thing that often causes me to go with large corporations for a lot of services. Another example: cell phone carriers. I still have the same Wisconsin phone number I’ve had for over two years and it’s not an issue – though it really stands out on the phone list at work.

The big dawgs also have call centers. And while the term call center can make me feel slightly ill in certain respects, they can be rad. The other night at 10:45 PM PDT I had a banking need and while I expected to only get a recording that wouldn’t allow me to accomplish anything (as the web interface couldn’t hack it either for this particular bit of business), I gave it a go anyway. To my surprise, clearly stating “banker” to the initial recording had me speaking to a real person that could do real things in a matter of seconds. Wicked.


  1. cr 20060916

    Monster! Just goes to prove that not everything – for good or bad – is automated yet. But will it be one day?…

  2. country 20060916

    yes it will all be one day

  3. matches 20060916

    Hey, remember that time you worked in a call center for like 4 hours? Ah, the joys of the Christmas rush.

    But no, I agree with you even though I did quite the opposite for my bank; started the account when I still lived in Antigo, and kept it all these years. Fortunately, the bank finally caught up with me location-wise.

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