IE7 testing makes me go ClearType


IE7 RC1 has been available for about a week. Given that it is supposed to have all the final CSS rendering updates included I decided it wouldn’t hurt to start testing the websites I’m responsible for with it. Thankfully so far everything I’ve tested actually works as in IE6 or better. Unfortunately the header on this site gets no improvements.

I’ve talked about various IE7 features when playing with the beta versions. This isn’t a review. This is only about the fact that IE7 forces Windows ClearType by default. This means small, bold fonts will actually appear bold. This is rad once you get used to seeing smooth fonts in Windows and get past the slight blurring that it seems to cause. This is the last sentence to start with “this”.

I tried running Windows with ClearType when I first found out about it and wanted my machine to look like OS X but couldn’t handle it. Playing with IE7 again has inspired me to give it another go. Not sure what to blame the change in attitude on but other than the slight alarm of text files opened in Notepad not being all jaggedy (text in the command prompt keeps its crispness) I’m actually digging it.

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