Curse of the CSS widows


While some may scoff at using Dreamweaver for a text editor, I love it. The one standout annoyance is when attempting to type the width property in a CSS file. Thanks to the useless (at this point any way due to browser support) widows property, I have to type all the way to the t before Dreamweaver knows what I’m after. Being trigger happy on the enter key doesn’t help. Curses to alphabetical sequences. Perhaps other text editors fall victim to the same issue. There is a tag library editor in the preferences but it is just that, a tag library, not a property library. Or I’m an idiot and just couldn’t find CSS properties in there.

Alas, it can be fixed the long way. Given Dreamweaver needs some document to tell it what properties to choose from, I looked inside the application folder. On a Windows install, in Configuration/CodeHints there is a file named CodeHints.xml. Open this up in Dreamweaver and a search for “widows” turns up two instances. The second of which is the important one (line 5703). This is the line that declares where in the code hints menu widows falls. The next line is for width – rightly so by alphabet, not so right by usefulness. Rather than delete 5703 all together, I moved the width menuitem to be the first of the w’s – above white-space.

Now pressing w within a CSS declaration instantly chooses width. I’m going to be saving so much time. Maybe even enough to make up for that spent typing up this bit.


  1. matches 20060830

    Good call. I’ve never noticed this myself, but that’s a great solution.

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