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Season pass prices in Summit County, Colorado, really spoil you for the rest of the world. My first year living in Denver I paid $299 for a pass valid unlimited days at Breckenridge, Keystone and Arapahoe Basin plus ten days at Vail and Beaver Creek. I think now that pass is up to about $360 but it is still a lot of terrain and days for the dollar (something like 16,000 shreddable acres open from early November through June, not to mention the quality of terrain and snow). In Wisconsin I paid $324 for one mountain spanning 400 acres “open” late November though the first week of April (not to mention the questionable terrain and snow).* Colorado was cheap because there was so much competition nearby and so many potential customers.

It seems the competitive pricing is just getting going here in Oregon but not so much on the individual scale, rather on group purchases. Meadows has their 4×4 pass (4 people, $400 each) and Ski Bowl and Timberline introduced the new Mt. Hood Fusion pass this year (2 people, $399 each). Advantage to the Fusion pass is the resorts are a bit closer to Portland and run a slightly longer season. The advantage to Meadows is that, well, it’s Meadows. I haven’t been to any of them during actual winter operations yet so I can’t really say much more than that. What I really want though: all of Mt. Hood on one pass and no requirement to drag any of my homies into it with me. Next year?

* Not to sound all down on Wisconsin shredding. In Denver, it took at least an hour and a half to get to the radness. On the weekend, make that three. In Wisconsin, I could leave work at 4:30, go home quick and still be snowboarding by 5:00. That goes a long way.


  1. majafa 20060827

    I must ask though…weren’t the Denver passes cheap only because you knew were to purchase them? I thought you didn’t get them at the actual resort, you got them at a local business/store, which had incredibly cheaper deals…I am on base at all?

    So what I’m saying, is there any other “local” business to buy a season pass for less $$$, or one that offers a better season pass variation to include all the desired shred areas?

    I’m hoping to be doing some riding this year at G.P. a.k.a. rib. Looking at the flyer that just arrived in mail Mondays and Wednesdays look good ($15 off day tickets). rock.

  2. matches 20060827

    Are the places you mentioned in OR owned by the same company like the places in CO are? If so, yeah, that’d make a lot of sense.

    But holy cow, $300 (even $360) is dirt cheap for having all that terrain to choose from.

  3. jb 20060827

    Man, skateboarding is cheap.

  4. waytoocrowded 20060827

    majafa: You’re thinking of daily lift tickets. Those are cheaper in town than at the resorts in Coloradical.

    matches: They aren’t, which is maybe a good thing considering then one company would own the whole mountain. But given that Ski Bowl and Timberline aren’t under the same umbrella (I don’t think anyway…) but sharing a pass, seems there should be a way to sort that out.

    jb: Seriously. And zero driving time.

  5. matches 20060828

    Hey, did you figure out a new board yet?

  6. waytoocrowded 20060828


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