Megabytes != Dollars


I used to work on this little project called ES CA PE Eperil. Or Escap.e Eperil. Or eskah 23. Or, well, you get the picture.

Tonight I was trying to package up all the assets for said project to archive and send off to others involved in the mess. Small as that site may have been, it generated a couple gigabytes worth of .psd’s, .jpg’s, .mov’s and so many others. Because round-off error is fun, we’ll call it 2,500mb. Not to sound like Escape only existed to make a few dollars, but I’m pretty convinced that if the profits from selling t-shirts and patches and wristbands would have been even a fraction of the size of the source files for the site content and shirt designs, there would still be random banter at

I’m not a business man because I enjoy goofing off making stuff more than I do trying to get people to pay for that stuff. Megabytes = Fun.


  1. jb 20060821

    have any of those green bird shirts left? samie and i were both discussing that shirt the other weekend and we both want one.

  2. puddingcups 20060821

    no jb, you’re wrong… i have one… yep.. the panther himself gave me one for FREEEEEE .hahha sucker! we know who he loves better.

  3. majafa 20060822

    i wanted a bird shirt and was told i couldn’t have one. booo.

    and i forget what skateboard company copied that shirt (not really copied Escape, but PDF showed me the shirt and then a couple weeks later I saw one almost exactly like it in a skate catalog).

  4. jb 20060822

    WHAT!?!?! this is madness. skank.

  5. puddingcups 20060822

    you take it back jason!! you take it back right now, or i’ll call up your brother and send him to beat you up. that’s right i really would.

  6. puddingcups 20060822

    majafa, do you remember who the company was??? i would like to check out the ripper offers and compare. i mean mindless people have gotta get ideas somewhere, the panther can’t help it that he’s so damn clever.

  7. waytoocrowded 20060822

    Sorry to say it was your favorite company which also happens to start with an E. Smudge vs Bird.e.bling. And I had nothing to do with the design of either – I’m completely against shoulder prints.

  8. puddingcups 20060823

    bling is way better than love, check it out… there’s even keys on yours! frickin’ flowers and love. pff that’s where your design wins! sweet sensations!

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