More bikes and vaudeville


On one bank of the river fifteen dollars would get you into the arena and probably some free stickers. The other bank had neither the arena nor television cameras but a more interesting spectacle nevertheless. No jousting or dancing girls on little pink bikes, but their were clowns and more fire.

I arrived at the Tour De Fat about halfway through the Handsome Little Devils show. In just that portion I witnessed fire juggling on pogo sticks, chainsaw, bowling ball and raw egg juggling and a ball on a string. Much better is the video on their site.

Some other sights: vendors on stilts, bikes and more bikes. And that’s just in the hour I was there.


  1. majafa 20060820

    in that last picture, on the yellow framed bike…are those car tires on the bike? seriously, why can’t people in portland just ride normal bikes? haha

  2. matches 20060820

    majafa: Apparently it’s because people in Portland are crazy.

    PDF: Ball on a string? Was the string attached to a cup?

  3. waytoocrowded 20060821

    There was another bike that had even fatter tires.

    I couldn’t stop thinking of the ball in a cup. But no, there was no cup, just a paddle.

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