I drink juice when I’m not eating cookies


When I lived in Denver I always shopped at King Soopers. In Portland I shop at Fred Meyer. As it happens, they are both part of The Kroger Company. This is important for one reason: Wild Berry Flavored PUNCH !


  1. cr 20060814

    I think that’s the first update you’ve written in awhile that I actually understand. Word!

  2. waytoocrowded 20060814

    cr: Me too!

  3. matches 20060815

    I have not eaten cookies for awhile. I’m protesting your absence.

    I can’t decide if that sounds delicious or kind of gross, but it doesn’t matter. You’re just in it for the can, admit it.

  4. majafa 20060815

    Fred Meyer still is and always will be just a jewelery store to me no matter what the west coast FMs try to sell.

  5. puddingcups 20060816

    I just finished off the homemade choc. chip cookies i made, last nite. yum yum yum…. and that is about the only time i can drink white milk.

  6. jb 20060816

    that looks like it probably tastes

  7. jb 20060816

    let’s try that again:

    that looks like it probably tastes like those Little Hugs juices. and that is not a bad thing.

  8. waytoocrowded 20060816

    matches: Yeah, I’m all about the cans…

    majafa: Just wait. Fred Meyer will eventually take over the midwest Kroger market.

    puddingcups: I’ll be expecting a box in the mail next time you bake cookies. And I’ll take chocolate milk over coffee any day.

  9. majafa 20060819

    so I was in the wausau mall two days ago and walked past the Fred Meyer store…thankfully they still only sell jewelery. ha.

  10. puddingcups 20060821

    i have to comment here as well, i tried to until the message never got sent from “borrowing” internet and such a couple weeks ago… but i would send cookies.. if i knew how they would keep fresh. i think it would be even better if you told me you were coming to visit and i’d have them ready for ya.

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