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This weekend was the Portland Zine Symposium, an event that attracts zinesters from, well, pretty far I hear. Skateboarding and punk rock introduced me to the concept of zines before I started high school but despite the early introduction I never got into producing my own. I skipped over the distribution by photocopy model in favor of distribution by 1s and 0s.

Despite never producing or following any particular zines, I always dig checking out any that happen to make their way to my hands. There is a certain lure about the artwork, writing and general craft in the production of DIY and small press productions. Some photocopied, others screenprinted. Some plain paper, others colored, heavy duty stock. Some staple bound, others stitched. Just about every aspect defines part of the creators style. At the Symposium with so many varied zines next to each other you start mentally grouping them into categories where the semblence is uncanny.

A paper blogosphere? In the zine world I’m the equivalent of a person doing a Google search that happens to lead to a blog article – by no means a regular reader. Yet in the zine crowd you hear the “So nice to meet you! I’ve been reading [enter zine name here] since #3!”.

If creating and distributing zines was as cheap as web hosting and finding and reading them was as easy as a Google search, perhaps I’d be more into it. Nevertheless, turns out there are plenty with somewhat convenient access at many local haunts and even the public libraries whenever a craving for photocopied text comes along.


  1. matches 20060814

    It’s a cool idea, but you already summed it up with the phrase “paper blogosphere.”

    On a side note, you’ve used the words zine, warez, and blogosphere all in the same post. Are you OK?

  2. puddingcups 20060816

    i’ve read two zines this past year, and i have to admit, that i was expecting a whole lot more… for me the art work is good, but the text is teenage angst written and lacking something more… or just extrememly disturbing, i’d write one… but it’s too much to handle… it almost made me throw-up…. and that usually doesn’t happen. it was THAT bad.

  3. waytoocrowded 20060816

    Seems the more localish zines tend to be teen angsty but the more widely read have a certain professional guality to them. I’d take a finely produced art zine over words any day though.

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